Ataraxia 17/03/12
As part of Yuri Pattison’s show at SPACE, ATARAXIA will be conducting a series of focus groups. Building upon an ongoing body of research, we will be inviting a select group of individuals to discuss the following issue:

*How our use of network technology interacts with our emotional stability.*

In opposition to the prevalent approach in the sociology of technology, our emphasis is on developing a detailed and anecdotal understanding grounded in personal narrative rather than abstract data analysis.

Groups will be divided into light and heavy internet users.

The day will culminate in a public presentation of Ataraxia’s wider research and goals, with reference to issues raised at the focus groups conducted earlier in the day. Throughout our time at SPACE we aim to produce an inclusive and secure environment in which those attending can express themselves fully and openly.

Our Schedule
11:00 Focus Group I
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Focus Group II
19:00 Public Seminar
20:00 Q&A with Open Discussion


Focus Groups are invite only but please feel free to attend
the event throughout the day and our talk at 7pm the same

Richard Sides - Kill The Gibson 16/03/12
An open-ended four channel sound piece / listening programme / DJ set preceded by a screening of Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1979 film, Stalker. Combining sounds generated by Richard Sides, music by others, impromptu performance and visuals, Kill The Gibson will be an evolving platform and environment developed in response to Pattison’s installation in the gallery at Space. Refreshments provided.

Special contributions from Lorenzo Senni (Presto!?), Karl D’Silva, Sol Archer and Stuart Middleton amongst others.

Stalker screening 3pm.
Event continues from 6pm to late

YBT: ἅπτω: SolidState (TouchableHolography) @ [space] 15/03/12

In collaboration with Yuri Pattison’s Faraday Cage project, YBT will contribute an evening of performances, and the installation of a tangible hologram within the Faraday Cage itself.

The installation and performances will propose various encounters between ethereal, digitally projected images and the corporeally grounding properties of sub-bass audio whilst exploring the latter’s potential for engineering a form of haptic feedback via viewer(user) interaction. User interaction speaks to the implicit, neophilic desire engendered by contemporary advertising designed to invest tactile substance within the projected image of consumer desire.

YBT is invested in producing engaging experiences with projected images, sound system installation and the re-purposing of corporate ideology and brand image to merge encounters with cutting-edge corporate futurism with user-end hacking, and a primordial synergy with nature.

"The whole philosophy of inwardness, with its professed contempt for the world, is the last sublimation of the brutal, barbaric lore whereby he who was there first has the greatest rights; and the priority of the self is as untrue as that of all who feel at home where they live…The more tightly the world is enclosed by the net of man-made things, the more stridently those who are responsible for this condition proclaim their natural primitiveness. The discovery of genuineness as a last bulwark of individualistic ethics is a reflection of industrial mass-production. Only when standardized commodities project, for the sake of profit, the illusion of being unique, does the idea take shape, as their antithesis yet in keeping with the same criteria, that the non-reproducible is the truly genuine." (Minima Moralia)

-An extended and re-worked demonstration of the presence and use of hang drums in the utopian folk songs of the Silicon Valley area circa 1971.

Felix Lee: live set with car subwoofers: